About Us

There are a 100 million people involved in network marketing in the World, many of whom struggle to qualify and make a commission...

Home business entrepreneurs involved in network marketing are highly vulnerable to the effects of a divisive market, too many business opportunities and they may face challenges including online marketing, downline recruiting/duplication/retention and retail sales generation.

Rather than focus strategically on the business, they are lost in process - finding leads, recruiting, duplication, downline retention, managing the work/life balance and more. As such, their network marketing business just becomes a never-ending second, third or fourth job, that doesn't pay any money.

Our Approach

We look at network marketing from a strategic buyers perspective and follow a two-stage approach.

Stage 1: MLM Buyers Guide - This guide reviews the market, it's structure and the requirements that we as distributors need to achieve in order to be successful. Then we look at the process needed to be followed to achieve our goals culminating in qualification and residual income.

Stage 2: MLMBuyer Community - Those that have read the MLM Buyers Guide are invited to join the MLMBuyer.Com Community and follow our better buying methodology across our network that promotes a major supplier of nutritional products available in 49 countries.

Of course, you can jump straight in to Stage 2 and get started right away!

Knowledge Improves Livelihoods

With MLMBuyer.Com, home business owners can learn 'better buying principles' enabling them to look at implementing more efficient ways to develop business with like-minded people and so earn more.

Connect Millions of People

With an estimated 95% of network marketers struggling to make their business viable or sponsor others, our goal is to educate and connect millions of home based entrepreneurs with like-minded people to network and build business relationships with. We think that everyone on the planet deserves equal opportunity to earn.

Business Development Opportunity

Network marketers have massive spending power that shouldn't be wasted. We open the doors to providing every member with a select 'foundation' opportunity to join. Now, you can develop an income implementing our better buying methodology right within our Community.