About Us

We've been involved in Network Marketing since 1991, working offline until 1998, after which much of our focus has been around business and relationship building using the internet.

Network Marketing is more than simply advertising for leads or promoting your opportunity; because when we think like this, we usually fail.

Here at MLMBuyer, we believe there are better ways to manage a Network Marketing business. That's why we took a long hard look at the Industry, deconstructed what we do and then rebuilt the process to educate and thereafter, develop income for our members.

We created our Better Buying Methodology, which incorporated an easy to follow 5 Phase Process that can help our members save time, save money, make money, make friends and reduce risk...

So, if you're determined to succeed in network marketing, have an interest in health and nutrition and are looking for new horizons then MLMBuyer might just be for you.