Optimising Network Marketing

In all my years in Corporate Procurement and Network Marketing, I have yet to meet anyone who wanted to look outside of the box and help optimise and shape the Industry as an entity; and to such a degree as to ensure more people than not actually earn enough to make a difference in their lives.

I truly believe that the #1 reason that most Distributors of Network Marketing companies fail is because they simply do not produce results or results fast enough. Let’s face it. It is simply no fun at all spending £100 a month or more on product, wasting hours marketing on the phone or computer, with the occasional meetings, while watching hardly anyone sign up, thus failing to qualify and failing to earn, only then to jump over to another opportunity and start all over again.

For Network Marketing to be successful, I truly believe that all distributors must produce visible and significant results – and fast. When the distributor sees real results quickly, he or she becomes more engaged. And when I can get the distributor engaged by seeing real results, a ‘snowball effect’ occurs; results get better and better as distributors see themselves actually qualifying and earning. With the MLM Buyers Guide, you will see real results quickly. These results will be the feedback and motivation you need to continue on with your business, as you will be able to see your qualification goals in your sights.

When people first hear of the MLM Buyers Guide and the dramatic business building opportunities it produces, their first question is usually something to the effect of, “Isn’t Network Marketing broken?” This is actually a great question, considering the fact that Network Marketing is clearly broken and needs to be optimised for all our sake’s.

The fact is, in all my research over the past years, I have yet to find any real metrics surrounding Distributor success ratios. Instead, most of the information concerning Network Marketing deal more with the methods by which products are marketed, rather than on how we can actually optimise the Industry and work together as individuals to achieve our respective goals.

Constantly perpetuating tactical business processes in a market that’s failing for the majority is one of the most dangerous things you can do. As it stands, failing to qualify is the #1 cause of quitting the Industry. It’s simply not good business practice to keep spending money month after month in the hope that someone will sign up and it’s certainly not good for those relationships with the people you love.

Considering these facts, doesn’t it make sense that you should be looking to optimise your business within a more effective and efficient Network Marketing solution as fast as humanly possible? I think so!

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