Network Marketing Challenges

Indeed, there is simply no other industry in the world that is more confusing or more contradictory than the Network Marketing/MLM industry. Ask a dozen so-called ‘experts’ what the best way to build a Network Marketing business is, and you’re very likely to get 12 different answers. But who’s right? Who’s wrong? And how do we know?

The fact is, the Network Marketing industry is a multi-billion Dollar industry that has divided the community, where the threat of litigation for companies is ever present and where hundreds upon hundreds of different ‘biz-ops’ (company’s) compete for your cash and personal time to promote their products, just so you can earn some additional cash.

These ‘biz-ops’ come in many forms, offer various compensation schemes and sell all manner of goods and services.

Now, don’t get me wrong… many of these ‘biz-ops’ are good companies that offer solid products.

But, Network Marketing, by virtue of its methodology is a numbers game where success comes to those that achieve simple duplication as you’re about to learn.

I realise that, in an age of sensationalism, many readers are expecting me to pull some ‘magic pill’ out of my hat and reveal some ‘secret’ marketing method that no one else knows about, but that won’t necessarily be the case.

Some of the methods involved are likely things you have heard about before.

Others will be things you’ve probably never heard of, while still others will be things you likely dismissed or simply didn’t do.

Over Supply of Business opportunity

One of the biggest problems is that most people act as individuals without understanding the bigger picture or how an over-subscribed ‘biz-op’ supply market works against the fundamentals of what it is that Distributors need to do, or how to implement these methods the right way for maximum qualification and residual revenue. But trust me.

These methods work within the obvious limitations of the Industry – ones that we are all very well aware of.

If you’re expecting me to point the finger at any specific marketing activity that Distributors undertake as the cause for your failure, it’s not going to happen.

Quite simply, we do not fail at Network Marketing because of any particular type of online or offline marketing activity.

We fail through a combination of competition, an over-supply of ‘biz-ops’, a fragmented market, lack of regulation, poor Industry perception and a lack of collaboration or understanding of how we should work together.

High Levels of Failure (Not Good)

You and I both know that the high proportion of failure to qualify or earn income did not just happen overnight. It just doesn’t work that way.

We habitually fail to qualify nor earn in such large numbers because of a market wide inability to create the right circumstances for mutual growth.

In other words, we fragment our Spend across hundreds of opportunities which means that making the right connections and choices are that much harder if not nigh on impossible.

This begs the question, does network marketing exist for Independent Distributors or the Home Office? And who is it weighted more in favour of?

Better Buying Methodology

After due consideration, MLMBuyer.Com puts its weight firmly behind the Independent Distributor, and announces our better buying methodology to counter act the inefficiencies and challenges of the Industry.

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