The World in which we live is weighted against ordinary people, especially when it comes to money and most financial institutions put profit above humanity. It's scandalous! If you don't believe me, just look at the obscene amount of interest pay day loans attract. Government make it look like they're fixing stuff, but in reality, the more profit a company makes the more tax they can collect.

Our financial institutions and systems do little more than shuffle debt. Indeed, debt is the only way money supply grows (excluding quantitative easing)....

Unfortunately, the World is broke and so are Governments' who 'look after us'.

We spend inordinate amounts of money simply paying back debt interest, and yet our economies only work when people and businesses are able to buy goods and services. Why spend money on stuff when it just puts us into further debt, when we really don't need to?

And then there's retirement, who can afford that? (Oh, just sell your house, don't give it to your kids)...

From the time we're born to the time we die we are only commodities designed to give other people our wealth.

Enough is enough.

That's why we look to Network Marketing. The World must change.

The way we mange debt must change.

It's time ordinary people came first. Period.

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