The Network Marketing Industry was devised more than 75 years ago and much has changed since those early days. Even so, the principals of the business have not changed that much.

Network marketing is still a Distribution business, relying on distributors to sell the products and services. It still enables downline duplication and residual income to be earned. What's changed is the Internet and the sheer number of opportunities available. This has created a highly competitive environment where too many distributors are:

  1. Struggling to find leads
  2. Struggling to  sponsor others
  3. Struggling to teach and duplicate activity
  4. Struggling to retain an existing downline
  5. Struggling to manage rejection
  6. Struggling to manage their work/life balance

Failure is a direct result of a number of factors. Indeed, the market dynamics include a finite population as well as an over-supply of business opportunities.

We as individual distributors need to be aware of the challenges across the market to ensure we put into place the relevant structures that meet our needs. These for the most part include the tactical development of a downline, sales and qualification which lead to residual income for ourselves and those that come after us.

Better Buying Methodology

We look at network marketing very differently to most. We see it as a strategic earning vehicle for the masses, one that must be structured to achieve the collective aims of both the business opportunity and the large numbers of distributor(s) involved, anything less is counter-productive. We do not believe that the Industry is simply a competitive bun fight where it's every man or woman for themselves.

Our MLM Buyers Guide provides a strategic overview of the market and disruptive thinking as well as an easy to implement 5 Phase Process, a better buying methodology that is bigger than any particular individual business opportunity. So, regardless of the opportunity you're promoting today, if you want a more strategic view of the Industry and your place in it, get your copy of the MLM Buyers Guide today.

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