Network Marketing is a Sales and Distribution business principally undertaken by Independent Distributors. These Independent Distributors promote and sell products and services to their warm and cold market through referral marketing, advertising and online marketing. Independent Distributors are also able to build their own sales teams called 'Downlines'. Income is earned through the purchase of product by downline members as well as 3rd party customers, who are not directly involved in the business. There are many hundreds of companies promoting different products and services through this medium; they are responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the goods as well as systems infrastructure. Payment to Distributors are based on the Distributor meeting certain qualification rules in the Compensation Plan. Network Marketing is a global business worth billions of dollars annually, with upwards of 100,000,000 (100 million) people engaged as Distributors.
What a fantastic question - is Network Marketing fair? Well, it depends on which side of the fence you sit. If you've persisted and created a huge empire with thousands of Distributors in your downline then it's certainly fair and highly lucrative but for the many people who spend $50, $100, $250 a month or more on product without sponsoring anyone, never qualifying for commission and jumping from one opportunity to another without ever getting a financial return then the answer is probably a resounding no. This is the World we live in, one dominated by choice, competition, equity and efficiency or the lack of it.
Given the divisive nature of Network Marketing and obvious limitations of the Industry, we wanted to find a way to increase efficiency and earnings for ordinary Distributors like you and me. We do however recommend to our members an international business as the vehicle of choice as it can supply in more than 40 countries. Of course, as our Club grows then we have the opportunity to branch out into other revenue streams. By making the Industry more profitable for ordinary people can only be a good thing in today's cash strapped world. Globally, we need to stop financing debt and instead drive revenue growth.
The MLM Buyers Guide is a 90-page book that identifies the obvious disadvantages of the Network Marketing Industry and looks at how we can make our individual business more profitable. This isn't a marketing book, rather it is a strategy and relationship solution that can save time, save money and make people money. If you're willing to look completely outside the box then this will certainly make you think.
The MLMBuyer.Com Community is a private members club inclusive of a social network and business building tools. It takes the strategies and methodology outlined in the MLM Buyers Guide and enables ordinary people like you and me to effect change whilst earning more. An added advantage of the Community is that we can use it to explore ways to move Network Marketing on into a bigger and better Industry to serve the global population in revenue development and income generation.
The Buyers Guide and the Community work hand in hand to deliver business growth. Once the strategy is understood, members follow a 5 Step Process. This leads to greater participation, motivation, qualification and earning. In fact we take the obvious disadvantages away by following a better buying methodology  used by procurement professionals across the world. Distributors are more than sales people or referrers, they are CEO's or MD's of their own business and revenue and profit generation must be their number one priority. The Blueprint and Community are tools to create a more equitable solution to individual revenue and profit acquisition.
The Buyers Guide and Community is a focused, hands on solution that requires participation in select business opportunities that underpin our better buying methodology. With the right leverage, many individuals can achieve significantly more value than simply going it alone.
The Buyers Guide is priced at just $27 which is just a fraction of the cost of doing business and buying product each month.
The MLMBuyer.Com Community is completely free to join; however to get the best out of signing up one needs to understand the methodology. There are lots that would have charged for this resource simply to make an additional profit. As a sign of our commitment we give you this tool for free; we hope you appreciate this and use it for what it was designed for.
MLMBuyer.Com recommends a cap on individual Distributor expenditure (i.e. personal consumption) of £50 or equivalent, if so desired and excluding any retail sales.
Your return on investment will be dependent on the overall success of our Community, however if your business grows as envisaged you should be looking at an annual ROI of 600% or more.
To buy the Blueprint, simply click here.
To join our Community you'll need to apply, which will only take a minute. The application form  can be found here.
We hope you choose to read the MLM Buyers Guide, learn more about the Industry, its inefficiencies and how we believe more can be done to increase success ratios. Of course, you can carry on as you are, or continue looking for the holy grail of internet marketing. It's you choice and we hope you choose to work with us. At the end of the day, Network Marketing will only really work when all those involved can truly share in the success. That is our ultimate aim.

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