Buyers Remorse

It should come as no surprise, that a marketing strategy like MLM which utilises a largely untrained sales force coupled with lots of hype and hoopla of team meetings produces lots of buyer remorse, which actually doesn’t help anyone.

When a new distributor is not properly trained the power of the story created through MLM is lost through the hard sell and exaggerated claims that are both needless and counter-productive.

The Hard Sell

All of us have probably received an infamous cold call where the person on the other end of the line goes into their scripted sales pitch without hearing what the other person is saying or thinking.

Many MLM distributors start prospecting with their warm market (family, friends, or co-workers) making it hard for the prospect to walk away or just hang up, but again that’s an uncomfortable sell for both parties. Knowing this, some people aggressively pitch their solution without assessing the prospect’s needs or showing how their solution will solve their need.

Exaggerated Claims

If the hard sell is not working, a distributor might be tempted to exaggerate claims about the product or opportunity. Most convince themselves that the end justifies the means and that their prospect will thank them later. After all, prior team meetings showed how easy it would be to sign up distributors because the product would practically sell itself. When things don’t work out, it’s obvious that the prospect must just be missing the point; because if the prospect got it then they would feel the same way the distributor did during the hype of the team meeting and sign up and buy.

The problem is that the exaggerated claims lead to unrealistic expectations about a product or opportunity and if the claims are not replicated by a new distributor they feel like they were duped or that they do not have what it takes to succeed with MLM.

Buyer’s Remorse Sets In

It is about this time that your new distributor is overcome with buyer’s remorse i.e.when all the hype and emotion that surrounded their decision to buy is gone and they are left alone trying to justify their purchase.

If claims were exaggerated then prospects are also dealing with new emotions that either they or the product is inadequate since they cannot replicate the claim. Even if you did not utilise the tactics of the hard sell or exaggerated claims, it is quite natural for a new distributor to feel buyer’s remorse as soon as the transaction is completed or when they are alone to think about their decision. Worse still, if they are confronted by a spouse or family member that is against the whole deal.

MLMBuyer.Com and Buyer’s Remorse

We are buyers and MLMBuyer.Com is built on a better buying methodology.

So how does MLMBuyer.Com help overcome buyer’s remorse?

Well, to start with there is no hard sell or exaggerated claim about what we offer. We look through your eyes and explain how MLMBuyer.Com meets your needs or will make your life better.

We don’t believe any decision you make to join our Community or buy the MLM Buyers Guide should be based on hype or emotion.

Network Marketing is a business model, inefficient for most, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to provide a comprehensive better buying methodology and operational platform that supports business growth and value for everyone, whilst mitigating the so very obvious limitations of the Industry.

We don’t abandon any member after the sale is done – (including access to our free community) – we remember that if you do not make money then nor do we and most likely many of our other members won’t either.

We are introducing you to a new way of network marketing and it is our responsibility to make sure they succeed. The secret to MLM success is to replicate ourselves over and over again. Everyone needs to be committed throughout the process and invest time to understand and implement.

In the end, MLM is less about selling than it is about teaching our downline and building relationships what should be a simple business model and it should be really hard to be remorseful about that!

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