Meet The Author

Founder and Author

Bob ThompsonSay hello to Bob Thompson, MCIPS, inspirational leader, visionary and author of the MLM Buyers Guide and creator of the MLMBuyer.Com Community. (Note everything you see he created himself and wrote from scratch, including building the website and the social network; amazingly, this eccentric Englishman might just give you what you want).

Bob, married with 2 teenage boys, started his procurement and supply chain career in the Army, however on leaving the military he first learnt about Network Marketing through an introduction to L’Arome, that was way back in 1991.


Personal History

Long before the internet, Bob promoted many opportunities including Exel Communications and Lifeplus. At the same time, he developed his corporate career, achieving full membership of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (MCIPS) and Institute of Logistics (MILT - now lapsed).

With the advent of the Internet, Bob started developing websites and learnt advanced internet marketing from the likes of Jay Abraham. He even promoted one of his old sites and achieved a top 100,000 Alexa ranking.

All the while, Bob felt a mismatch between how optimised procurement thinking improved company profitability and managed risk and the way Network Marketing was being positioned by many companies, how Distributors were being asked to develop their respective businesses, the issue of litigation and poor regulation and of course the results achieved.

As a Network Marketer with contacts throughout the World and as a procurement transformation expert, Bob was on the front lines of both business optimisation and Network Marketing failure. He saw how people struggled to develop networks, qualify for commission, retain teams and developed MLMBuyer.Com as a way to help them achieve fast growth and revenue.

“I’m a firm believer that with something that is traditionally hard to do like Network Marketing, enjoying quick success and driving change for greater overall benefit can provide just the encouragement that is needed for more people to get involved,” Bob says.

Bob created MLMBuyer.Com after seeing how Network Marketing brings division to society. He embedded his procurement, business process optimisation, website development and internet marketing knowledge within the Buyers Guide.

Introducing The MLM Buyers Guide

In all, he spent over a two years doing research and another year fine-tuning his Network Marketing blueprint.

“This is a revolutionary way of collaborating because it focuses on network development and qualification, the lack of which is the real cause of failure and is something that most Network Marketers struggle with,” Bob says. “Collaborate and qualify and you will earn money and increase your ability to create the residual income you’ve craved.”

Bob’s blueprint also opens up the debate on what Network Marketing is, or should be as well as explore the future, which he calls Social Earning.

“If you had told me back when I was fresh out of the Army that one day I would create a new way of looking at Network Marketing I wouldn’t have believed you,” Bob says. “But now that it has happened, I’m so excited to be making a positive difference in so many people’s lives.”

Bob’s current mission is to help as many people as possible by spreading his MLM Buyers Guide around the world.

“I want to help people learn what to buy and how to work together to develop mutually beneficial business,” Bob says. “I also want to help them develop the knowledge, to succeed both now and in the future.”

Since developing the MLMBuyer.Com, Bob continues to work in corporate transformation as well as delivering a message of hope to those wanting to earn more money — a message that Network Marketing doesn’t have to be a slow, tortuous grind, it is possible to achieve more quickly and easily with the right mind set.