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The MLM Buyers Guide is a brand-new network marketing solution that introduces a better buying methodology into the lives of network marketers everywhere to help them focus on how best to achieve the most important requirement and that is to build teams, build revenue and qualify for commission.

Based on the experiences of a 'procurement expert' who's merged corporate procurement business processes and network marketing business processes in order to provide fresh perspective across this divisive Industry.

Bob Thompson, creator of the MLMBuyers Guide, has the amazing ability to understand complexity and then simplify and optimise business processes.

He discovered his better buying methodology after seeing many people struggle and lose money right across the World.  And best of all, the knowledge found in the Guide really does take the best of corporate procurement optimisation process that anyone can tap into and implement within minutes.

With our Affiliate Program, you can help to get our important message out, so that network marketers can introduce a better buying culture into their network marketing business in order to help then save time, save money and make money.

It's really easy to do when you use these resources in your own affiliate campaigns.

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