How It Works

MLMBuyer works on the principal of identifying structural risk and issues with the Industry and then putting in place logical solutions that help mitigate the 5 killer challenges of network marketing, including the issues relating to a finite population and an over-supply of business opportunity.

What you have in front of you is a 'commercial in confidence' business process for home based entrepreneurs that want to make money from an optimised network marketing business building process.

Where Learning and Earning Go Hand-in-Hand

This business process comes in two halves, one is learning based and the other is action based.

This is unique... and this is how it works:

Make a choice whether your existing network marketing business is achieving the desired results or not. If not, then do something about it. If you're still looking for money making options and not sure what to do, download our free Special Report entitled 'Fish 4 Money' - then solidify your decision by taking our short Questionnaire.

Buy the MLM Buyers Guide itself, understand the challenges and our better buying methodology in detail. Look at the numbers and see whether or not this option is better for you or not. Remember, your purchase is guaranteed for 60-days with a full no quibble money back guarantee. This is all at our risk.

You've made the decision to follow our path, next step is to join the MLMBuyer.Com Community. Once you've joined follow the process outlined in our Getting Started Guide.

A Fantastic Experience

We've taken great care to provide you with a holistic network marketing experience and we've selected a business vehicle to drive the business, one that we know can deliver in 49 countries globally.

Whether you're new to network marketing or simply looking for a better business opportunity then you owe it to yourself to follow the above process.

A Little Of Our History

  1. Between 1991 and 1998 we promoted  a number of different network marketing companies here in the UK and across the globe. This activity was all undertaken offline, with local advertising, 3 way calling and meetings.
  2. From Christmas 1998 through to the end of 2015 we continued with network marketing, only this time it developed into significant online activity.
  3. Back in 2015, we sat down to look at how to make the process of Network Marketing more efficient, given the explosion of opportunities and online marketing. As procurement professionals used to working with millions of pounds worth of corporate expenditure we wanted to see if our experience in the corporate World could help.
  4. Between 2015 and May 2018, we spend hours thinking about the Industry and the task at hand; then one day it hit us. It was the eureka moment. We then set about articulating this and wrote the MLM Buyers Guide. Thereafter we needed a way to implement the solution, hence the development of the MLMBuyer.Com Community. Also written was our Questionnaire and our Getting Started Guide.
  5.  At the end of May 2018, we invite you to join us and make money from network marketing. Our goal of helping you through the creation of an efficient collaborative experience with teamwork and long term relationship building is here...