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Understanding and Overcoming Network Marketing Risk

Promote >>> Network >>> Qualify >>> Earn

We believe that the network marketing business should be about creating profitable relationships and networks under-pinned by sales of products and services, even so:

  1. Many struggle to find leads
  2. Many struggle to  sponsor others
  3. Many struggle to teach and duplicate activity
  4. Many struggle to retain an existing downline
  5. Many struggle to manage rejection
  6. Many struggle to manage their work/life balance

These are the challenges that millions of people are struggling with today; so it comes as no surprise that people walk away having lost money, dejected and angry. It's simple, if you cannot overcome the above challenges your business will fail.

We've been there but we decided to NOT follow the crowd, instead to think through the challenges from a different perspective and find innovative ways to make things work, which wasn't easy at all.

Of course, we wanted a solution for ourselves but we also wanted a solution that gave our downline the best possible chance of qualifying and earning whilst also fulfilling the fundamentals of the business model in a robust, legal and ethical way.

What we came up - our thinking, logic and solution - is outlined in the MLM Buyers Guide.

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The MLM Buyers Guide 94-Page eBook

When we created the MLM Buyers Guide we knew that recruiting/downline building and qualification were the hardest things to do. Internet marketing was becoming more and more difficult; friends and family didn't really want to get involved...

There just had to be a way to make the business easier... then it hit us - it was so obvious, it had been staring us in the face all of this time... now all we had to do was put our thoughts down into logical content that was easy to understand and more importantly, put into practice.